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Clubdom – Mistress Crystal Trains a New slave (full movie)
Clubdom – Mistress Crystal Trains a New slave (full movie)
Clubdom – Mistress Crystal Trains a New slave (full movie)

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Clubdom – Mistress Crystal Trains a New slave (full movie)

Full movie contains six parts!!! Mistress Crystal has put out an ad for a new slave. She has one prospective bitch coming to the dungeon today. She told him to make sure he is wearing a hood and a collar. The potential slave knows that Crystal is kinky but he thinks that he is coming to fuck a hot Russian chick. What he doesn’t understand is that although, Mistress Crystal is hot, she is equally sadistic. She lets her bitch know right away that she is boss by slapping his face and making him smell her pussy and ass. Now that he understands that he is here for Crystal’s pleasure and not his own, the fun begins in the dungeon. Mistress Crystal forces her new slave to worship her pussy then fuck her until she cums with a chindo. Next, it’s time for the bitch’s cock and balls to be milked. After edging her slave until he can’t take it anymore, the Russian Goddess allows her slave to cum. The slave soon finds out that the price for male orgasms is eating your cum in Crystal’s dungeon. The Mistress wants to find out how much pain her slave can take, so she bends her bitch over and gives him a hard caning. She is pleased by the bitch’s pain tolerance and finally she needs to find out if his ass can handle her cock. Mistress Crystal gags her new slut and fucks his face and ass with her strap on. Mistress Crystal is pleased with her new toy but needs to show him how a real slut gets fucked. She uses her trained sissy slave to show her new slave how much his ass needs to be stretched. She puts on a giant cock and brutally fucks her slut. Mistress Crystal locks her sluts in the cage together and enjoys a smoke. Crystal Rush demands perfection and demands satisfaction. She is satisfied with her slave today!
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