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SLAVE TRANSACTION feat Astrodomina
SLAVE TRANSACTION feat Astrodomina
SLAVE TRANSACTION feat Astrodomina

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SLAVE TRANSACTION feat Astrodomina

I love training my slaves for the market, that’s how I get top dollar for them! Sydney’s on the phone with a slaver, negotiating for a price for her latest goods. She’s got her slave bound and suspended from a harness, barely able to move. She toys with her poor pathetic slave, telling him she’s hoping to sell him soon. She whips him a few times with her cane, just to have some fun.. She gets another call, but this buyer is only offering half the price she’s asking! She demands more. He’s a very well trained slave and loves to service and describes how well he takes large cocks up his ass. She wants to get her money’s worth! With so many bidders, she knows she can get the best price for her product. She’s been working on this one for a while, and still loves to hear his whimpers. She laughs at his discomfort and continues to taunt him about his future life as a slave to some random stranger. He’s going to have to serve well to preserve her reputation! But he knows his place. Her buyers also love it when he’s plugged, so she works one up into his ass. That’s just the cherry on top! Finally she gets another call.
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