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Clubdom – Goddess Dahlia Trains the Pony slave (Full Movie)
Clubdom – Goddess Dahlia Trains the Pony slave (Full Movie)
Clubdom – Goddess Dahlia Trains the Pony slave (Full Movie)

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Clubdom – Goddess Dahlia Trains the Pony slave (Full Movie)

Watch all 4 parts! Goddess Dahlia has decided to train her pony slave today. After taking him out for a trot, she decides that she wants to have some fun with her slave. She has him park her pony and cart and worship her feet. The pony does a good job sucking and licking her feet and toes so she decides to give him a reward. His reward is an outdoor whipping! Goddess Dahlia makes the bitch scream in pain as she shreds his back without mercy. They have been outside all day so Dahlia commands her pony slave to bring her back to the dungeon so she can continue her fun and continue his torture. Once inside the dungeon, Goddess Dahlia binds her slave and gives him a brutal caning. Pleased with her pony from the day’s activities, Goddess Dahlia decides she will have mercy on her pony. Goddess Dahlia milks her slave’s hard cock and makes him lick his cum off her fingers before putting her obedient pony away for the night.
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