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Aaaspanking – Stevie spanked for smoking part 1
Aaaspanking – Stevie spanked for smoking part 1
Aaaspanking – Stevie spanked for smoking part 1

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Aaaspanking – Stevie spanked for smoking part 1

Stevie knows very well that she should never smoke at home, her mother hates it. Stevie doesn’t care and lights up a cigarette anyway, engrossed in conversation with a friend on her phone. She doesn’t hear Mommy arriving and is caught in the act. The lit cigarette and smoke in the room give her away and Stevie’s defensive response to her mother’s anger is to be sassy! That’s a big mistake, Stevie’s awful attitude and total disrespect is about to be corrected and the scolding continues with her placed over mom’s lap! Stevie knows what is coming, as the hand spankings over her tight jeans begin along with more withering put downs… it isn’t long before she protests as her panties are pulled down for a proper over the knee, bare bottom hand spanking. Her mother is now in full anger mode and nothing but the hairbrush, used harshly and with great force, will do to teach this ungrateful brat a real lesson! This is a hard no nonsense spanking of Stevie Rose from one of our favorite maternal figures, Miss Elizabeth.
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