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Asian Cruelty – Helplessly Sucked Into Submission

Hello Slaves, thank you for having me on Asian Cruelty. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Mistress Porsche Ling. I Am a bit of a rogue when it comes to femdoms. I Am one for bending the rules, pushing the envelope, and just an all round BAD ASS! I enjoy breaking new ground and always looking for new and different ways to bring men to their breaking point. Today I brought my latex suction bed with a transparent top sheet so I can see my slave suffering. I Am going to completely encase my slave in latex and do whatever the hell I want with him, and don’t think just because he is helplessly trapped in rubber I’m going to go any easier on him. I’m not. I use my favorite riding crop, striking it hard against his latex covered body. And let me assure you. the latex provides him no protection, as it hurts just as much as bare flesh. It’s so amusing to see how much I can make him squirm beating him with my crop. He is always good for a laugh that way. I also cover his one and only breathing hole and watch him panic. Just when he gasps for air I drop a huge wad of spit into his breathing hole and watch him suck it in as a cruel joke. By the time I release him from the suction bed, he is a nervous wreck but still completely under my power and control. That never changes.

Date: August 22, 2020

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