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Tripleaspanking – Spanked by Campus Security
Tripleaspanking – Spanked by Campus Security
Tripleaspanking – Spanked by Campus Security

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Tripleaspanking – Spanked by Campus Security

Anna is taking time off from studies and is at her Sorority House when Officer Justin of Campus Security pays her a visit. She had been seen stealing bowls and other items from the Dining Hall and she was identified as the perpetrator. Justin knows she has a poor behavioral record, hearing that she has been disciplined previously with various forms of corporal punishment. He wastes no time in deciding to teach her a lesson. That lesson is learned with her over his knee, with her dress pulled up, panties down, receiving a hard bare bottom hand spanking. Once he starts, he is relentless in his mission… working up a real sweat as she squirms and wriggles in pain from her spanking. By the time Officer Justin has finished, he reminds her to bring back what she has stolen. Anna is one sorry, sore student… she knows that in the future she should avoid angering the Campus Security staff. This is a splendid double debut from Anna and Justin appearing at AAA for the first time!
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