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Defiant Neighbor Sahrye get her Ass Beat
Defiant Neighbor Sahrye get her Ass Beat
Defiant Neighbor Sahrye get her Ass Beat

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Defiant Neighbor Sahrye get her Ass Beat

After numerous complaints and conversations the neighbor has had enough of Sahrye’s disrespect and defiance. Finding her car parked in his assigned spot yet again, he vows to make this the last time. She enters his apartment full of defiance. Secretly her extra defiance may be an act. Her curiosity aroused by the knowledge of how he deals with his naughty girlfriend, clearly heard through the thin walls. Sharp swats of a paddling that goes on forever and always ends in crying, at least once a week. Defiant to the end, she is dragged over his lap, fulfilling a secret desire to be put in her place. His big hands crack down on her upturned bottom, stinging through her thin yoga pants. His rhythm is hard and relentless as she protests. The warmth builds as she is spanked on her ass and thighs, trailing between her legs. Shocked when her pants are pulled down and his efforts are concentrated on her exposed bubbly cheeks. Terrified of what is to come, she is strangely excited at being punished by her strong sexy neighbor.
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