Tiki's Four Obscure
Tiki's Four Obscure

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Tiki's Four Obscure

These are four obscure spankings that each have a back story. 1) This one was a spanking I gave Tiki for smoking while fighting bronchitis. I warned her not to smoke and this and the 118 licks with the belt earlier were both for this disobedience. Drove up to the bar she worked at and there she was outside doing her best chimney impersonation. I just drove by and pointed. She knew a scorched bottom was coming. 2) Tiki woke up on the wrong side of the bed at the hotel in Santa Barbara. I decided to give her a spanking outside in a park right next to a busy street. The grounds keeper was only about 50 yards away when I was giving her this spanking. He glanced over once and I am pretty sure he saw what was going on. Tiki was certain of it and was mortified… but in a much better mood to avoid more outings. 3) We actually broke into the shed/power-room of the hotel to film the Spy segment. This was actually almost the last day of my life. As I was feeling around in the dark I put my fingers on exposed bus-bars and got a jolt like you would not believe! Tiki was freaked out, but like the trooper she is…she did her best (worst) Russian accent as a spank-tortured spy. 4) Tiki is one of the sweetest people on Earth. When the olded gentleman approached her at a party telling Tiki three things. One, that he had a spanking fetish his whole life. two that he had never spanked a woman. The saddest was three. He was dying ( only 6 months left) and he used his last money to travel to this party in hopes to live out his dream. Tiki not only let him… but let him twice during that night. He was able to experience his one last wish… Tiki was simply the best.
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