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Clubstiletto – Human Bench for Her punished Slave Girl – Mistress Bliss

Mistress Bliss is in the forest and she is addressing her female slave. As she slaps her face she tells her “You did not polish my latex properly so as a result you will be punished.” She has her crawl to and lay over her human bench so she can be cropped with a tree branch. She pulls down her sluts rubber pants and comments how sweaty her ass is. She spreads her ass cheeks revealing her hole and then starts to crop her. Bliss then sits on her slaves back with the human bench now getting the weight of both women. Sitting she first strikes her with the branch and then switches to using both hands before going back to the branch. The slave does have a nice plump and sweaty ass and soon it is covered in red welts. Bliss spits between her ass crack and then uses both hands again to smack her some more. Bliss gets back on her feet and again starts to strike her with the branch, loving her moans and groans. Bliss decides she wants to hear her scream and this time strikes her as hard as she can. Ah, the sounds of nature!

Date: August 22, 2020

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