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Shy Sky – Naked Judicial Punishment 2

“Naked Judicial Punishment #2” stars Shy Sky in a series where we explore the way spanking and punishments might be handled in the not so distant future. Certainly everyone knows that when you give up a right in this world it’s certainly very hard to get it back again. In this case, laws were changed and Act 207 was passed allowing the head(s) of a family to request stern discipline by the state for any teen in the household. Also, other people living within the household could be subjected to punishment if the ‘head of household’ declared them to be disobedient or unruly. The new law was sold as a way to finally change America for the better. Certainly some celebrated the idea of stricter laws, while others saw that such measures of discipline could be misused. Wherever your stance was on the law one thing was for certain, bare bottoms would be spanked at an ever growing and alarming rate! In the case of Shy Sky, she was a young woman who had married once she was just outside of high school. Her husband would use spanking and other forms of discipline as a way to regulate the household. When Shy would would question his methods she would be punished in a painful manner by her strict husband. He’d also contact the court to make sure that she was given thorough discipline there as well! You’ll have a chance to see her first visit to the judicial punishment room at her local court. It was bare and sterile room with a bench, a bench where Shy would be positioned and secured for stern corrective measures. She would be spanked fiercely by the hand of the punishment administrator. Any girl would struggle with the intensity even at that level of discipline. Shy would unfortunately face much worse though, she’d be giving a thorough licking with a long and thick razor strap, followed by swats with a wooden paddle! The board had holes to increase the velocity of the strikes while at the same time they would also blister a girl. Shy would end up visiting the punishment room on several occasions, and each time her cruel husband relished in the fact that he could order his pretty young wife to be stripped and spanked whenever he would so choose.

Date: June 27, 2021

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